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Bring Dennis' 7 Dees straight to your garden!

Bring Dennis' 7 Dees straight to your garden!

Do you enjoy working in the garden but are looking for a little expert advice or design guidance? Or maybe you need help with pest management and fine pruning. This service is perfect for someone looking for assistance with small scale design and plant selection, seasonal garden maintenance advice, pruning guidance and more. $150 gets you an hour onsite consult and comprehensive follow up. 

We take this a step further by offering delivery and even planting services for those of you looking for an extra set of hands with your garden projects. 

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  • Garden coaching and consultations
  • Softscape design
  • Delivery & Planting
  • Fine detail pruning
  • Refreshing container gardens

Meet Matt

With over 13 years of horticultural experience, Matt is our gardening guru and is dedicated to ensuring your garden is happy and healthy. He's passionate about bringing wildlife to your outdoor space and enjoys connecting flora and fauna.


Services include Container Garden Design and Installation

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Bring Dennis' 7 Dees straight to your garden!

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  • Lawn Care
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