Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Peppers resist most pests and offer spicy, sweet or hot, and a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Often green, yellow, orange, or red bell peppers are actually the same type; reds having just been allowed to mature on the plant longer, changing color and gaining a higher content of Vitamin C.

Care: full sun - light shade, fertile, warm soil (60 degrees), moderate water needs, transplants are common but can be started indoors from seed, benefits from mulch & calcium, grows in ground or containers.

Prefers warm weather and good drainage; grows well in containers or in the ground but needs warm soil (60-65 degrees or more) to thrive. Fertilize regularly with organic, slow-release fertilizer and keep moist but not wet – plants benefit from a layer of mulch. Harvest when they reach desired size/color.

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