One of life’s simplest pleasures is to enjoy a fresh garden pea right off the vine. Sweet & tender pods come in shelling types, snap peas, or the flat, edible snow pea kind. Eat fresh or cooked, even the young shoots provide edible greens to snack on.

Care: Full sun – part shade, tolerant of range of soils, good drainage, regular fertilizer, moisture & mulch, space 10-12” apart, prefers cool weather, replant often, best from seed or transplants, protect from slugs.

Cool weather peas can be planted very early in spring for a late spring-early summer harvest & again in July for an autumn crop. Best if planted by seed but transplants do well too. Bush types grow about 2 feet tall without support while climbing types can get up to 6 feet tall on a trellis or stake. Protect from slugs, plant with organic fertilizer and keep evenly moist; allow for good air circulation to avoid mildew & fungal problems.

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