Melon (Cucumin melo/Citrullus lanatus)

Melon (Cucumin melo/Citrullus lanatus)

Growing melons in the Pacific Northwest can be a worthy challenge as our summers can be too cool for many varieties; early-maturing types can be grown with varying degrees of success. When one achieves ripeness in the melon patch it is an occasion worth savoring.

Care: full sun, fertile, warm soil (60 degrees), moderate water needs, benefits from mulch, grow in ground & allow space to spread, transplants are common but can be started indoors from seed.

Transplant into the garden just before the plants become root bound and when the soil temperature is at least 60°F. Space transplants 3-4 feet apart in rows 5-6 feet apart. Apply 1/2 cup of organic fertilizer dug in well around each plant.

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