European Greens (other than lettuce)

European Greens (other than lettuce)

The range of color & textures in arugula, corn salad, spinach, radicchio, chard, etc seems vast. Cool weather brings out the best flavor and with protection, most can be grown in the fall/winter months in many areas; frequent harvests are essential for best flavor.

Care: full to part sun, moist, fertile soil, prefers cool weather, long season of harvest, in ground or containers, sow seeds or plant transplants, protect from slugs, benefits from row covers.

Best in part-sun and neutral, loamy soil; feed occasionally with organic, slow-release fertilizer & keep soil moist but well-draining. Does best in cool weather but many varieties are heat-tolerant; can be transplanted from starts or direct sown by seed. Harvest regularly for best flavor & yield; the whole plant can be harvested at once, or leaves may be picked off plants one layer at a time. Grow under row-covers for best protection from leaf miners.

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