As our summer vegetable gardens begin to fade, it is time to look to the next season of planting.

If you are hoping to have fresh greens and succulent root crops growing in your fall and winter garden, now is the time for planting!

Vibrant colors of red and green can be found in our lettuce, spinach, and chard selections, while stout young kale, collards, cabbage, and onion starts hold promise of delicious treasures produced amidst winter’s chill. Garlic, for planting in October, has just arrived at the garden centers and is easy to plant and grow.

If you are not planning to grow in your edible garden until spring, consider sowing some cover crop seeds to help nourish and protect your soil over the winter; seeds germinate quickly in this cool, mild season. A few weeks before planting your next crop in spring, chop down and turn under your cover crop to allow it time to decompose and add nutrients to your soil.