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Biophilic Design - What is it & Why Should You Care?

Posted:   January 18, 2017

Not only are the addition of plants in an office environment proven to add health benefits but they also add life and beauty to the space for your employees, clients and guests to enjoy. Our Urban Plantscapes division works with businesses throughout the Portland area to enhance work environments with the addition of interior plants.

Rain Gardens & Permeable Paving

Posted:   April 22, 2016 by Corey Verch - Residential Landscape Design Manager

Oregon Native Plants

Posted:   April 11, 2016

Oregon has over 3,600 species of native plants, each beautiful in its own way. Whether you're native to the Pacific Northwest or not, plants from the area are excellent choices in your landscape.

Project Spotlight - Drainage System Solution

Posted:   March 10, 2016

This customer came to us with a somewhat unusual situation of a street sewer in front of her home incapable of accommodating the typical heavy rains we get in late fall and winter. It got much worse when the leaves would fall, impeding the flow of water even more. At times the sewer would overflow and all that extra water collected from the neighborhood street would jump the curb, flooding her front yard landscape, shooting down the driveway to the front door and house foundation.

Overcoming 7 Common Landscaping Challenges

Posted:   March 9, 2016

Everyone wants an attractive and well-maintained landscape design, but planning a major overhaul to your landscape or identifying the subtle tweaks needed to nail your unique personal style can be tough to achieve. And it doesn’t help that there are practical considerations like drainage, sun exposure, and limited space that you have to plan for as well. Not to worry, though! With decades of residential landscaping experience, we’ve identified seven common issues that homeowners come across and