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Water Mitigation

Posted:   October 28, 2016 by Joe Poulter - Residential Landscape Maintenance Account Manager

Soil can only hold and absorb a certain amount of water. If you are lucky you have quick draining soil with perfect slopes and water is not a problem. Since we live in the Pacific Northwest that is probably not the case. I will discuss mitigation options for lawns, beds, and storm drains.

Problematic Lawn Areas

Posted:   March 10, 2016

With the warm weather we had in February plants are coming out of dormancy earlier than normal. Lawns are no exception and many are already growing rapidly. If you are lucky enough to have a full sun lawn with perfectly drained soil your grass may be looking great at this point. Unfortunately few Oregon lawns get the benefit of these conditions. Excessive shade, poor drainage, soggy weather, and the disease issues those conditions foster can cause lawns to thin out dramatically in the winter

Landscape Lighting

Posted:   February 8, 2016

Landscape lighting offers a creative way to showcase your home and garden after dark. Properly placed lights can dramatize trees, highlight your favorite shrubs, accent statuary or water features, brighten pathways and stonewalls.

Cold Weather Tips

Posted:   November 23, 2015

When temperatures drop, you’ll want to make sure your garden is nice and snug!

Lawns 101 - Winter Lawn Care

Posted:   February 23, 2015

Lawns provide multiple benefits to the environment. Lawns create oxygen, trap dust and pollution from the atmosphere, serve as natural air conditioners, control soil erosion and filter runoff. On a more tangible level, they increase the visual appeal of our homes, provide sound proofing, and give us a space to play and entertain. What thrives most of the year can take a big hit in the winter as the weather conspires against our lawns.