Eat, Play, Glove

Our garden begins and ends with family and friends as the impetus of our design. While paying close attention to today’s trends in landscaping across the country (see below), we set out to create a multi-functional space that allows engagement in activities which have always fostered lasting connections and memories among family and friends; especially when done outdoors – unplugged and free of today’s countless distractions.

Clean and simple lines – uncomplicated and easy flow
Edible landscape – farm to table concept
Pattern and texture – in both plants and hardscape
Built-in outdoor furniture / seating – there to enjoy sun or shade
Pops of high impact color – the latest in pottery color and design
Artistic focal points – large mini-garden, living wall, containers, metal and stone steps, unique playhouse
Outdoor lighting – string lights and the latest in LED light to enhance features
Outdoor living – family centric design and features

2014 – Come Alive Outside

Living in Oregon definitely has its benefits, but our climate poses real challenges allowing us to comfortably enjoy the outdoors year-round…especially in our own yards.   Throw in the competition of massive HDTVs, gaming systems, smartphones and a comfortable couch and its becoming increasingly difficult to encourage a relationship with the outside that was once pretty much commonplace just a decade ago.

We set out to change that and created a backyard environment suitable for most any Portland home that fosters a place for more unique seasonal experiences in comfort and style.  A place that you might just find families and friends wanting to spend time together relaxing, sharing and conversing rather than updating, tweeting and texting.  We hope you enjoy our garden that inspires you to ‘Come Alive Outside’.

2013 – Sentimental Journey

After a long period of formality and rigid design desperate to manipulate nature, a fresh and welcomed trend emerged eager to celebrate what was natural, simple and beautiful on its own merit. Evident today in part or whole in many landscapes and parks across the country – we present the Romantic Garden.

Meander through a world that escapes your everyday worries. Allow the romance to lie as emotion takes over reason. Winding paths & slightly overgrown nature adorn every curve as you find surprises & misdirection each step of the way. Structure, balance, symmetry & formality are thrown to the wind as this romantic garden is designed to awaken & recharge your soul.

Our 2013 Yard, Garden & Patio Show Romantic Garden was designed to foster an immediate escape from the hectic world that surrounds us each day.  Explore such elements as a naturalistic reflective pond, a woodland path that gently curves through a grove of birch trees with canopies of lit lanterns to a weeping stone grotto for quiet rejuvenation.  There’s even a ‘secret garden’ where children can climb into a cozy playhouse and daydream while peering at the pond below.  We hope you get lost in our creation, even if only for a moment.

2012 – Timeless Inspiration

Seeking Balance?  Go East in Your Own Backyard

We’re very excited to have the opportunity to build something with such a long and rich history as a Chinese Garden themed display for the 2012 YGP Show.  It was a special opportunity for De Yang, our resident landscape architect from China, to be deeply involved in something he’s very passionate about.  De practiced and taught Chinese Garden design for over 15 years at Zhangzhou University in south China before coming to Oregon with his wife in 1998.

Our intent was to hold true to the many delightful symbolic nuances, as well as the five-element format of rocks, water, plants, architecture and literary inscriptions of an authentic Chinese Garden.  This also produced a huge challenge…the reality that obtaining the authentic materials from the other side of the globe for construction was both time and cost prohibitive.

Our spin was to represent authenticity with product and material choices more readily available here in the Pacific NW.  That way, we could truly present our Chinese Garden as a completely possible design idea for those in our marketplace to have something quite different, meaningful and beautiful.

2011 – Delight in the Details

Just as your home wouldn’t feel complete without pictures on the walls and curtains in the windows, gardens crave personality too.  High quality, versatile materials in natural tones act as a canvas for an eclectic and completely customizable look.  An oversized and brightly colored urn makes a bold statement as a water feature.  Salvaged architectural materials lend a sense of historical connection. Low-maintenance plantings and creative use of rain water enhance sustainability.  Lights, textiles, and furniture can be combined in an endless array to add intrigue for entertaining, a peaceful place to relax, and everything in between.  Imagination is your only limitation!

2010 – Gardens are for Living

“Life is good in the garden.”  We took the 2010 Yard, Garden and Patio Show theme to heart and we invite you to live, eat, relax, and play in these outdoor spaces specifically designed to accommodate your lifestyle.  Go out for dinner in our custom barbeque and dining area crafted of rustic metals and natural stone for maximum functionality with unique character.  Feed your soul and your body in our fresh and artfully arranged kitchen garden.  This isn’t your grandma’s veggie patch!  Join us for a game of bocce on the low-maintenance, high-fun SYNLawn™.  Soak up the soothing ambience of our one-of-a-kind fire feature in the cozy courtyard.  Or grab a glass from one of YGP’s fabulous beverage purveyors and sidle up to the captivating stone fountain.  Brought together by clean lines, natural materials, and an easy maintenance sensibility, these garden rooms have a traditional-modern fusion flair that’s rich in style but well within reach.  Life is, indeed, good in the garden so bring your life outside!

Watch a tour of our display garden on AM NW.

2009 – Dynamic Elements:

Sometimes Sustainable Can Also Be Subtle & Soothing

2008- A Transformation Over Time

A Garden to Enjoy & Enhance Every Season

2007 – Stone, Wood & Water

Beautifully Combining the Most Basic of Natural Elements