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Life Is Better With A Plant In Every Room!

Enhance your work environment with interior and exterior containerized plantings. Plants in an office not only have proven health benefits—they also add life and beauty to the space for your employees, clients, and guests to enjoy.


Our Partners in the Industry

Workplace Design Specialists

Invite Urban Plantscapes to create an environmental transformation in your offices! Our designers are trained in biophilic design practices and understand the significant influence plants can have on all occupants of a space.   

Plants play a key role in your strategic objectives to enhance your employee experience at work. Benefits include:

  • Improved health and energy
  • Increased productivity
  • More positive feelings
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased creativity
  • IAQ (improved air quality)
  • Sound reduction!


Service Offerings

Interior Plant Design & Maintenance

We can work alongside your design professional or directly with you to plan an interior plantscape that is innovative and ignites all of the senses. People love to be around nature! In fact, we are born with an innate desire to be with nature—that is the meaning of biophilic design! We can do this for you with the use of innovative containers manufactured with sustainable materials and gorgeous plants grown specifically for indoor use. 

After installation, we visit regularly to ensure your plants stay beautiful. Our trained and certified horticultural technicians provide the finest and friendliest care to our clients and their plants.


Living Walls & Moss Walls

Living walls and moss walls are a growing design trend! Looking for "WOW" and have limited floor space? Your tenants, employees, clients, and guests will take note of the beautiful green wall that is carefully maintained by our horticultural technicians. 

A living wall is a long-term investment that requires planning and a trained professional to guide the process. We are here to help with all stages of this journey to create your living masterpiece. 

In some cases a moss wall is the perfect solution where electricity and water are not available and lighting is at a minimum. Moss walls are less expensive than a living wall and don’t require any ongoing maintenance, other than occasional dusting. These highly creative wall art pieces bring many of the same biophilic and visual benefits of living walls. 

Invite us to design and install a unique, made-just-for-you moss wall! 


Exterior Container Design & Maintenance

At Urban Plantscapes, we have the deep roots and experience that Dennis’ 7 Dees is known for! This is truly our sweet spot. We love to find the perfect arrangement of seasonal plantings for your favorite containers. We have numerous resources to obtain gorgeous and durable containers for outdoor use. And yes... we take care of them too! 


Holiday Decor

Enjoy every moment of the holiday season when you let us take care of all the details in creating holiday magic for your business or home. A beautifully designed display can bring your guests a sense of peace and beauty. We will create an inviting design with your collaboration and environment in mind.  Holiday décor by Dennis’ 7 Dees has risen to all new levels with the addition of our award-winning designs and installation professionals. Designs in step with the most current trends are customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

Innovative design, quality fabrication, and exceptional installation practices assure the outcomes you expect from Dennis’ 7 Dees!


Holiday Lighting

Invite us to take care of every detail to create holiday magic for your business or home!

We provide a turn-key experience from design to installation. We offer imaginative holiday theme choices that range from sleek and contemporary designs to images of nature. Our designers have 25+ years experience and our installation experts are all lift and safety certified. The end result is a gorgeous exterior light display for all of our clients!


Wellness Workshops & Corporate Events

Our team of horticulturists provide a break from the norm by creating an experience with plants for your team, right in your own office.  This is a breath of fresh air, a fun team event, and an inspiring hands-in-the-dirt activity. We bring everything needed to create a small succulent or herb garden, container selections, plants, soil, and beautiful mosses and decorative stones to top off the botanical creations! Everyone leaves with a beautiful expression of nature that they created.

We believe that life is improved for all people where they live, work, and play when plants are present. Science points to countless studies that conclude that access to nature alleviates feelings of stress and improves productivity and happiness. 

We would love to bring that stress relief and happiness to your offices. Schedule a wellness workshop for your team today!


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We are people with plants! We make life better!

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We proudly support our industry organization Green Plants for Green Buildings. Our goal is to communicate the aesthetic, economic, and wellbeing benefits of nature in the built environment.