Water Management

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While we generally get plenty of water throughout most of the year, Oregon summers are extremely dry and the health of your landscape can be compromised without proper water management. Dennis’ 7 Dees’ irrigation professionals install, test, and repair expert water management systems to maximize conservation while protecting your landscape investment.

We combine our reliable installation and maintenance techniques with the latest technology to produce the best results. The Dennis’ 7 Dees team installs Rain Bird Smart™ controllers, which takes into account your climate, soil type, plant types and watering method to expertly control the water to best fit for your landscape. Results are a healthier landscape at reduced water consumption and cost.

Through water management, we can improve sprinkler system performance and ensure you get the best results in all areas of your landscape. Our irrigation team provides all the annual repair and maintenance you need, including winterization, spring start-up and backflow testing.

We can evaluate the efficiency of your existing system and suggest money saving improvements. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and services that allow you more time to sit back and enjoy the yard you’ve created.

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Water Management Services Offered:

  • Sprinkler Systems Installation and renovation
  • Irrigation upgrades using leading-edge technologies
  • Monitoring and adjusting for improved coverage
  • Troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Winterization Program: Performed annually. More details here.
  • Backflow Testing: Required annually and includes reporting to your water district
  • 24-hour Emergency response
  • Install smart controllers to save money and water


If your system was installed by Dennis’ Seven Dees Landscaping, Inc., we will repair, at no charge, any damage caused by freezing water in the piping, if you signed up for our winterization program.

To secure your space in our schedule for winterization services, please notify us by October 15th. Click Here to sign-up.

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