Holiday Lighting & Décor Installation

Residential Decorating

Let the Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscaping crew take away some of that holiday stress! Our professional team installs gorgeous, outdoor holiday lighting for all types of residential properties. We can install artificial trees and wreaths and decorate and light existing trees and shrubs in your yard. We work with you to give your home that perfect holiday glow, while saving you time and energy so you can spend it with your family! Call or write us today to get a quote for your home.

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Here is a happy story from one customer:

Thank you so much for the spectacular lighting of our home! It looks even more beautiful than I imagined! Your crew did such a professional job! Please extend my appreciation. I was driving up the street facing the house about 4:45 pm, when suddenly the lights popped on! It couldn’t have been timed more perfectly, and I was delighted!

Thank you for adding a touch of glamour to the neighborhood. My son and I are so pleased with the outcome!

…how elegant our home looks, all dressed in lights, and how easy it was to have Santa’s elves do the job for us! Instant Christmas Spirit!

– H. Roth

Commercial Decorating

Turn your building and office into a festive holiday retreat to greet your customers, guests & employees. We install, you enjoy! Our team installs many types exterior lighting for building roof lines as well as your trees and shrubs to give your property a radiant, festive look. We also hang wreaths and garlands both inside and outside to really make your business shine with holiday spirit! We offer pre-decorated and lit Christmas trees for both indoor and outdoor use, to make holiday decorating an absolute snap!

You can see some of our work in the Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square Malls. This includes all the decorating of Santa’s workshop, the decorated trees, wreaths, and the whole holiday shebang! Contact us today to get a quote for your business!

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Holidays at the Garden Centers!

We love to celebrate the holiday spirit at each of our garden centers, throughout the season! We decorate each one and fully stock them with all the trees, plants, decorations and trimmings you need to make your holiday bright!

Through our garden centers, we sell fresh cut, local Christmas trees as well as flocked trees, wreaths, garlands, and décor for each. We have trees up to 20 feet tall and can special order larger ones, as needed. We have a large display of ornaments and lights, including LED lights.

If you are short on time, we can pick the tree for you! We also can deliver your tree, install it in the stand and set up the lights! All you have to do is gather around it with your loved ones and hang your favorite ornaments. Sign up for our pick up service and we’ll recycle the tree for you, after the season is over.

Each garden center also offers an extensive line of decor & ornaments, wreaths, garlands and LED lights to make them shine! We carry several varieties of winter-blooming flowers, including several colors of the classic poinsettia. Every location carries lots of fantastic, unique gift ideas for the gardener on your list but if you can’t quite decide, you can always pick up a Dennis’ 7 Dees gift card.

Simplify the holidays! Let Dennis’ 7 Dees help so you can just enjoy your family and friends!

Fresh Trees vs Artificial

The quintessential American Christmas in not complete without the tree! We hang our family ornaments on its fragrant branches, telling our story through each one. We gather around it to inhale the fresh scent and to share time together. However, many people have expressed concern about cutting trees every year for this tradition. Some choose an artificial tree in order to preserve living trees. But, there are many concerns about the toxicity and the negative environmental impact of artificial trees. Here are a few facts about artificial trees versus freshly-cut trees, to help you make a decision this holiday season:

Artificial trees

  • Made of vinyl, which releases toxins continually
  • Not recyclable, ends up in a landfill
  • Made from petroleum products
  • Often contains lead, which make the branches flexible
  • Usually imported, increasing transportation energy usage
  • Flammable and if catches on fire, releases toxins

Fresh trees

  • 100% biodegradable, renewable crop
  • Nearly 400 million Christmas trees are continuously growing
  • This provides over 500,000 acres of wildlife habitat
  • Tree fields renew the air, adding oxygen, and they support NW farmers
  • A well-watered tree is less of a fire hazard than artificial
  • The natural scent heralds the season