Water Features

TOK 05

Brighten the landscape with the addition of a custom-built water feature! The peaceful sound and stunning sight of running water adds ambience and tranquility. The Dennis’ 7 Dees landscape team designs and builds many types of water features to suit all types of landscapes, from small bubblers to elaborate ponds, waterfalls and fountains.


Whether you want a small water accent for your deck or a large focal piece, the professional garden design team at Dennis’ 7 Dees can help you make it happen. We design and build each element to fit your needs and can add specific plants for water features, to enhance the mood. We can add elements of modern landscape design with custom stonework and pavers. Or we can mimic nature by softscaping around a small pond with native ferns, mosses and other plants. Try a classic pond with koi, lotus and water lily or a bubbling rock! The possibilities are endless!



Our Portland landscaping team can come survey your property and work with you to design and install the perfect custom water feature! Your imagination is the only limit!

Get in touch today to discover your new water feature possibilities.