The Design Process

Why is a design important in landscaping?

How does the design process work?

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A quality landscape design plan is how you and your designer to come together on your vision. It serves as a guide for the landscape installation team. It is the road map that leads the process so that you can get the landscape you want. It can also help you to visualize the finished product!

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Why start with Design?

Residential landscaping plans can get complicated quickly. When we have a well-planned, careful design in hand, we ensure that we are giving you exactly what you want. It eliminates guess work and guarantees that all the elements fit correctly. A good residential garden design allows you to maximize your budget to make sure you’re getting the best value for your home and quality of life.

A quality design also helps you to work out the best option for those complicated areas of your property: a steep slope, an area with poor drainage, etc. A landscape design pictures the solutions to those problems, ahead of time, to make sure the new landscape will be successful.

Landscaping your garden can be an enormous task. But the Dennis’ 7 Dees design team can make it happen- on your timeline, and within your budget.


How does the Design Process Work?

The design process begins with an evaluation of your property and landscaping goals. Together, the client and designer survey the entire space and discuss the possibilities. We then begin to create the general concept and make rough plans. We take measurements and elevations so we can develop a master plan that helps create your landscape efficiently.

Once we have collected the essential information, we begin to create the landscaping design, keeping in mind the aesthetic and functional requirements that you need. We use both landscaping design software and hand drawings to fine-tune the right blueprint to your new landscape. We can even create 3-D images to simulate what your landscape will look like! Then we go over it with you and get your feedback.

A finished design serves as a map to the landscape installation team. They follow it to completion, until you have the landscape you want.

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