We create custom landscape designs, landscape lighting, water features, curb appeal and maintenance services ready to meet your Portland landscaping needs. Because we offer such a wide range of services, we are able to create unique and lasting designs.

We also offer water management services Including backflow testing, irrigation system maintenance and repair.

If you’re looking for a traditional, sustainable or award winning landscape design, look no further than our seasoned experts. We can work with you to create a living work of art you will be proud to own.

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Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape DesignUtilizing a cohesive professional design & installation team allows you to maximize your budget to make sure you’re getting the best value for your dollar. Landscaping is an investment that just doesn’t add value to your home, but to your quality of life. Save time, money and enjoy your yard again by making sure it’s done right the first time with our national award winning team.

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Water Features

Water FeaturesCustom water features ranging from small space bubblers to large full scale falls with ponds can become that special focal point of any yard. They’re not just beautiful, but can also help to screen out unwanted noises. Your imagination is the only limit here.

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Irrigation Installation, Renovation & Repair

Irrigation Installation and RepairWhy irrigate in rainy Oregon? Because when it gets dry here in summer it gets very dry, enough to destroy that beautiful yard. Add to this summer vacations, and ask yourself, who is going to protect your investment and take care of watering your landscape when you’re gone? We have many options available for almost any budget, including SMART systems, which all but control the weather and reduce water usage to a minimum.

Outdoor Lighting Installation & Repair

Outdoor LightingThere are many reasons to consider investing in outdoor lighting. Safety and security are usually the first reasons, but have you ever enjoyed your landscape with friends by the beauty and drama of professional lighting at night? You’ve just doubled the amount of time you’ll be enjoying your yard.

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Sod & Seed Lawn Installation

Sod InstallationLawns create soft, functional areas that are great for kids and entertainment purposes. Sod installation is great for small to larger lawn areas and provides instant results where starting a lawn from seed is better for really large spaces and typically takes 4-6 weeks to establish.

Drainage Systems & Rain Gardens

Drainage SystemsDrainage systems can protect both your landscape and home. The reality is, every home in the Pacific Northwest could benefit from some form of drainage. We simply get just too much rain. Drains can be hidden underground or incorporated as an attractive & functional element in the form of a rain garden or dry creek bed.

Patios, Paths & Driveways

Patios, Paths and DrivewaysWe’ve come along way since the days of simply accepting poured concrete and asphalt for our driveways, paths and patios. The materials available today give us virtually unlimited choices for almost any budget. They’re more durable, beautiful and cost effective too. If your looking to make a statement, a paver or stone surface may be just the thing.

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Walls & Steps

Walls & StepsThere’s no doubt that Portland is a city of many slopes. Many of us have a yard just too steep to ever enjoy, especially when there’s kids involved. A properly designed and installed wall can create living space you may have never thought possible.

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Synthetic Turf & Putting Greens

Artificial TurfFor those of you looking for a year-round useable surface, have difficult growing conditions or horrible allergies, synthetic turf may be the best option. Synthetic turf is also great for families with small kids and for homeowners with pets who like to destroy their lawn. It’s just not for golf greens anymore, but we still do that too.

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Pruning & Cleanups

Pruning & CleanupsIs your yard getting out of hand with weeds, leaves, overgrown or dead plant material & yard debris? We have a team of experts who will shape, manicure and fertilize your yard to get it back to tip-top shape…and fast too!

Bark Mulch & Compost Application

Bark & MulchAside from the aesthetic appeal of a fresh layer of bark, bark mulch is also a great tool for controlling weeds, erosion and reducing watering needs by helping to keep more moisture in the soil for longer.

Container Plantings

Container PlantingsContainer plantings are great for dressing up an entry way, adding life to your balcony or patio, and incorporating pops of color throughout your landscape. Our team of designers can customize fun combinations to meet your space’s needs. We also have the largest selection of pottery to choose from anywhere in the Portland-metro area!

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Seasonal Color

Seasonal ColorWhen people think of seasonal color, the initial thought is typically flowers. True, but a properly designed landscape can incorporate all sorts of ground covers, shrubs and trees too. These can change and evolve throughout the year, giving you that special rotating interest of unique bloom, leaf, and even branch color from season to season throughout your entire yard.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable DesignLooking to make your own personal impact on the environment? Lots of elements can be incorporated into your landscape including the use of organic materials, native plants, edible gardens, water wise irrigation, integrated pest management and much more…Let us help you get started with something today.

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