Planscaper Stories

  • Put the Plan in Planting

    By: Laura Mills I suppose I am a bit of a nomad at heart, I love moving. Not the act of moving which is a chaotic and time consuming toil, but the thrilling effect of moving: a pristine fresh start that’s ready for your personal touch. You have a blank canvas in which you can[…] Read More »

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  • JD and Betsy

    JD and Betsy's Yard

    JD and Betsy wanted a garden that reflected their passion for design, was easy to care for and provided a place to relax with friends.

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  • McGowan Family

    McGowan Family

    The McGowans have a garden that keeps their twin daughters nearby while providing space for adults to converse. The column rock water feature delights both.

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  • Gwen and Mike

    Gwen and Mike's Yard

    Gwen and Mike live on a small lot with only pockets of space to landscape, but they had a lot of outdoor living elements they wanted to include: patio with grill, a water feature, bench and a screen to enclose the space. Their Planscaper designer helped prioritize their needs, and think about qualities of each[…] Read More »

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  • Weber Family

    Weber Family Yard

    In the Weber family garden a former swimming pool was transformed into a low-maintenance garden bed with a cascading water feature. Layers of plantings gave the terrace a more intimate feel but retained views into the adjacent meadow. As the plantings mature, the space will become more forest-like, with inviting paths leading through it. Pops[…] Read More »

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  • Stephanie

    Stephanie's Yard

    Stephanie loves flowers. Her Lake Oswego property has a gorgeous view, but offered little in the way of color throughout the year. In meetings with a Planscaper designer, they came up with a plan that incorporated easy-care perennials and flowering shrubs that would attract birds and butterflies, and frame the lake view. “My designer was[…] Read More »

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