Meet the Designers

Our professional designers and horticulturalists are ready to tackle even the seemingly impossible landscape projects. Our designers are also available to speak at garden clubs, scout meetings and community events.

Austin Kelly

Lake Oswego & Cedar Hills Garden Centers

Austin KellyLandscape design must be one of the most rewarding and dynamic jobs there are. It is my passion and pleasure to work with the ever changing and immense plant and color palette the Northwest has to offer. And as a landscape designer, I get the opportunity to share that palette with others through their landscapes and create new views and spaces for you, your family, your pets and your neighbors to enjoy. There can’t be many jobs better than mine!

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Jonah Bishop

Seaside Garden Center

Jonah BishopWith fresh, innovative ideas, Jonah can help create a landscape that is truly unique and tailored to fit you. He believes that every landscape has the potential to be not simply a landscape but a wonderful outdoor living space. It can become something that draws you outdoors not simply to see it, but to experience it. With over 13 years combined construction and design experience, Jonah is well prepared to help you tackle even the most challenging projects.

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