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Would you love to design your own landscape but need help getting started? Join our Planscaper® program! We’ll work with you to create a custom, professional landscape design and we’ll give you a list of plants to go with it. The design is FREE when you purchase a Planscaper® gift card that can be used to buy the plants for your project. Planscaper® can be used for new landscapes, trouble spots, the whole yard or even customized container plantings!


When you sign up for Planscaper®, you can tap into the expertise of our staff to help you with your DIY landscape design. Here’s how it works:

  • You gather information about your yard and tell us about your garden dreams.
  • We come up with a planting plan and plant list for you to follow.
  • It’s free when you purchase a Dennis’ 7 Dees gift card, good towards plants for your project!
  •  Just fill out the packet and set up a time to meet with a designer at any of our garden centers.

When you purchase the Planscaper® gift card, the landscape advice, planning and completed design are all free! The entirety of that gift card can be used at the nursery to supply all the plants, amendments, and accessories you need to transform your landscape.Sign up for our Plant Perks Garden Rewards program and earn points when you redeem your gift card!

Whether you want to renovate your front yard, back yard, entire landscape or just a small area, your designer will help you create the landscape you’ve always wanted!

So go ahead. Get dirty. But first, start with a plan from Planscaper®.

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Garden Design Ideas

When you look at your yard, try to envision its potential. Do you see water features and pebble pathways? Do you see neat rows of vegetables or a wild tangle of climbing roses and other blooms? Where do you see yourself sitting to enjoy your space? Ask yourself these types of questions as you walk around the property. Design a garden with intent in mind: think about how you want to use the space and how best to make that happen. Your ideas will help your Dennis’ 7 Dees landscape designer come up with a plan for you and it will help you work towards the goal of your dream landscape!

Getting Started

Modern garden design does not have to be as complicated as it seems. With a little help from our team of landscape designers, you will be off and running on your own DIY landscape design! Take some photos of your landscape as well as all relevant measurements of the space you want to use. Planscaper® is not only for people who want to redesign their entire property! It can be one section or even a set of containers!  Whether you are interested in modern landscape design or a more retro feel, our designers can help you create the atmosphere you want for your home.  To get started, fill out the questionnaire on our site, gather all the appropriate materials, then come visit us!