Potting Service

When you buy Dennis’ 7 Dees pots and plants,
We will pot them for you for free!
Organic soil is included!

Free Potting ServiceWe offer our expert potting service to anyone who buys supplies at any of our four Dennis’ 7 Dees garden centers (click here to find the location nearest you!). This service is completely free for smaller pots and we charge a small fee for larger ones.

Here’s how it works:

When you buy your plant and pottery or planter, let us know you want the potting service. Our skilled staff will quickly repot your plant, using high quality organic soil AT NO CHARGE! If the pot is 12 inches in diameter or less, this service is completely free. For anything larger, we charge only $1 per inch. You can take your new plant home in the attractive container of your choice within 24 hours.

We use Eden Valley organic potting soil to give your plants a great start in their new home! It is full of the nutrients they need and is the right mix and consistency to allow for healthy roots growth.

potting service

When to use it:

Our free potting service is great when you are picking up a last-minute living present for a friend or loved one. It’s also wonderful for people on the go or folks who don’t feel like getting their hands dirty! Use it when you put together that new seasonal container for your porch or try it on your next indoor plant! Some plants, like orchids and large specimens, can be tricky to repot. Why not let the experts do it for you? Your plant will quickly adjust to its new home and will be ready to grow and thrive!

Visit us!

Come to any of our four garden centers to see our gorgeous plant and pottery selections! The expert staff at all of our Portland nurseries and our Seaside location can help you select the plants you need and the perfect pots to go with them. Then, we will pot them up for you with the best organic soil! Come see us today!

Visit one of our four garden centers:

SE Portland

Lake Oswego


Cedar Hills

For best results, we recommend planting with the following soil amendments:

  • Eden Valley - Premium organic potting soil
  • Bumper Crop - An all-purpose, pre-fertilized soil amendment and nutrient rich top dressing & mulch.
  • Black Forest Compost - A premium soil conditioner for roses, vegetables & lawns.
  • Dr Earth Organic Fertilizers - people and pet safe. 100% natural & organic
  • Soil Soup Compost Tea - superior liquid compost
  • Excelerite - all-purpose magic amendment

 To learn more about these recommended amendments & soils check out the video below or our soils & amendments page.