Dennis’ 7 Dees offers an extensive selection of absolutely gorgeous, diverse, colorful roses for all tastes and landscapes. While we have dozens of specific varieties in stock at any one time, they tend to fall into one of these major categories. To see what specific varieties we have in stock for your favorite category, come visit the garden center closest to you!

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Hybrid tea - This is the classic rose that every rose gardener must have! Large, single stem flowers bloom in a rainbow of colors- you choose your favorites! They make excellent cutting roses for bouquets and arrangements. If you enter rose shows, this is the one that will win the queen of the show. You will find that your hybrid teas are the most fragrant in the garden!

Grandiflora – They call it ‘grand’ because its statuesque form fills with stunning blooms each year! The Grandiflora rose is a tall variety, reaching mature heights of 5-6 feet. They are similar to the classic hybrid tea rose, with the added bonus of a few more feet. Different varieties bloom in either single-stem or clusters. Make a bold statement in your garden with these regal roses!

Floribunda – The word “Floribunda” means “many flowering” in Latin. These gorgeous roses bloom in colorful clusters continuously throughout the summer. Many of these repeat bloomers are disease resistant and come in a wide variety of vibrant colors. They reach a mature height of 4 feet tall, on average. Plant these clustering beauties along your walkways to welcome visitors!

Shrub - Shrub roses are low-growing repeat bloomers that come in a diverse array of forms, colors and fragrances. They are generally quite disease-resistant and have become quite popular amongst rose-lovers because they are more like a shrub that flowers. Shrub roses make a good addition to any garden, generally blooming June-November.

Rugosa - These gorgeous, old fashioned roses bloom with a bold, spicy rose fragrance. They are a low-maintenance variety, hardy to -5° and they don’t need to be sprayed. Rugosas do well along the Oregon coast and will light up the grey skies with their colorful presence. Plant these thriving beauties in your trickier spots, where more sensitive varieties won’t flourish as well.

David Austin (English) Hybrid tea X rugosa – David Austin has taken the classic, old fashioned rose and hybridized it to bloom repeatedly while conserving the classic fragrance. You still get that stunning summer color and heavenly scent but now you get it throughout the entire season! We stock these beauties in multiple colors so come choose your favorites!

Tree - A Tree Rose?? Yes, really! These small trees bloom with the gorgeous roses you love grafted on a 36-inch graft, to give it a taller, tree-like growth habit. They’re a wonderful addition to a patio garden and work well in containers. The trunk rises, straight and tall, with foliage and flowers forming only at the top of the plant. It’s a unique formation that adds distinctive splendor to the garden!

Patio roses – These grafted roses have a similar growth habit to the Tree Rose but have a shorter graft. They still shine with spectacular blooms atop a tall, bare trunk. This is just the miniature version for those of you short on space (or just fans of anything “mini”)!

Mini – These pint-sized bushes top out at just under 2 feet tall but still pack in tons of appeal! They are the perfect plant for the gardener that loves roses but has limited space. They may be small but they still provide plenty of vibrant booms to enjoy. Miniature roses work particularly well in Victorian-themed or English-style gardens or try them in containers!

Climbers – Climbing roses are perfect for the arbor or fence you are looking to smother in color! Choose from our wide selection to find the perfect color(s) for your garden! Several varieties bloom all summer long so your yard will be exploding with vibrant shades for months. Climbing roses are a great way to add diversity and depth to the contours of your landscape. Ask our staff how to make your climbing rose bloom prolifically from top to bottom.

Ground cover – These heavy bloomers grow low to the ground and can spread wide, if you let them. They are wonderful for those hard-to-maintain slopes and hillsides. Cover them with color! Many varieties are nearly disease free and bloom repeatedly and prolifically.


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