Plant Perks FAQ

Is there a fee to join Plant Perks?

No, this is a free program to our loyal customers.

I already receive e-mails from Dennis’ 7 Dees, do I still need to join?

Yes. In order to earn and redeem points, we need to input your name and phone number into Dennis’ 7 Dees register system. Plus we will eventually phase out our basic e-mail list in favor of the new, improved Plant Perks program.  You may receive an e-mail saying your e-mail preferences have changed if you sign-up online; this just means we’ve moved you to the Plant Perks e-mail list so you’ll receive specials to members only.

Do you really need my phone number?

Yes, but not to call you. We need your telephone number to create your Plant Perks account. If you forget your card, or if anyone in your family shops at Dennis’ 7 Dees, we can look up your account by your telephone number. Be assured we will never share your private information with anyone.

Why do you ask for my birth date?

Plant Perks members receive something special from us during their birthday month. If you’d like to receive your birthday Perk you will need to provide us with your birthdate, although the year is not required.  Sorry, but we can only accept one birthday, even if there are two people on the account.

May I join without providing an e-mail address?

If you are signing up online, your e-mail address is required. If you do not want to provide your e-mail address you will need to join in person at any store. Keep in mind that we have some terrific private sales and exclusive specials that will only be sent via e-mail. Without your e-mail address we won’t be able to tell you. Why not see for yourself? At any time you can opt out of our e-mails and still earn points. And again, we will never share your e-mail address or any other information.

How do I get my birthday coupon?

To receive your birthday coupon, you must enroll in Plant Perks at least 30 days prior to your birthday month. We’ll need your birthdate, email address and mailing address on file. You may use your 25% off discount for any one item during your birthday month.

How can I take advantage of the FREE potting service?

Simply let a staff member know upon purchase of plant material and/or container and we will happily pot it up for you for free.

Will I get notice of every sale and promotion?

You’ll be the first to know about our biggest and best sales – the ones we know you’ll love. This way you can be sure to get to the store early before the best selection is gone.

What types of e-mail content can I expect as a Plant Perks member?

You will receive our monthly newsletter, sales and specials exclusive to members.  We try to limit the e-mails we send to no more than four per month. You may opt out of the e-mail list at any time and still earn your points.

How do I earn points?

Points are earned whenever you make a purchase at Dennis’ 7 Dees Garden Centers. You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. Occasionally there will be opportunities to earn double or triple points! Points are earned on all purchases except delivery, labor, sod, landscaping services, sales tax and gift cards, however points are earned when redeeming gift cards.

How do I redeem points?

Reward points can be redeemed when you are making a purchase at any Dennis’ 7 Dees Garden Center. Once you reach 250 points we will mail you your Plant Perks reward. This can take anywhere from a few day days to two weeks. Reward points may not be redeemed for cash and cannot be used to pay sales tax. Points may not be shared with other Plant Perks members.

Can I earn Points before I receive my card?

Yes. If you sign up online, your membership will be active in approximately 5 days after you sign up.  Simply tell the cashier that you are a Plant Perks member, and they can look up your account by your phone number or last name.

How do I know how many points I’ve earned?

You may ask a cashier or look on your receipt after your purchase.  Note:  Points earned that day will not be reflected in the balance on your receipt.

How soon after earning a reward can I expect to receive my rewards certificate?

We do our best to process reward certificates as quickly as possible. In most cases you will receive your reward within two weeks of reaching 250 points.

Do points expire?

Good news! Rewards points never expire. Whatever points you have earned and not yet redeemed will be rolled over to the next year until you reach the 250 points.

If your account goes without activity for over a year, your membership will be revoked.

If I forget my card, can I still earn or redeem points?

Yes, the cashier can look up your account with the phone number you supplied when you signed up. However, in order to earn points you must inform the cashier that you’re a Plant Perks member at the beginning of the transaction.

Can I earn Points for previous purchases?

Sorry, no. But you can sign up in the store, and earn points for purchases you make the same day.

How can I provide feedback about Plant Perks?

Email us!  We would love to hear from you.


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Points are earned on all garden center purchases except delivery, labor, sod, landscaping services, sales tax and gift cards, however points are earned when redeeming gift cards. Returned merchandise will show as adjusted (deducted) points. Reward points are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.  Program excludes employees, landscapers, contractors, businesses and organizations.  Rewards cannot be awarded after the sale is complete or for previous purchases.  Sign up as one name per household to quickly reach rewards. We are unable to combine names of family members at a later date.
By using this program, you acknowledge having read these terms and conditions and agree to use this program in accordance with them. Your account is the property of Dennis’ 7 Dees Garden Centers and can be revoked at any time. Dennis’ 7 Dees reserves the right to change, revoke or rescind the Plant Perks program, benefits or account at any time.
All personal information obtained, as well as information involving the use of your Plant Perks membership, will be kept confidential and used exclusively to provide you reward benefits.