September Gardening Tips

It’s harvest time! Pick winter squash when the spot touching the ground changes from white to a cream or gold color. Dig potatoes, onions and garlic when the tops die down. Store in a cool and dark location. Mulch carrots, parsnips and beets for winter harvesting.

Plant new lawns or over-seed a patchy one until mid-October. It’s also prime time to aerate your existing lawn. We’ve got the know-how and all of the supplies to help you be successful. Come into the garden centers to get started!

Continue to plant cover crops in the vegetable garden as space opens up. This helps prevent weeds and to improve your soil for next spring.

Plant spring flowering bulbs now. Our wide selection of daffodils, tulips and crocus will reward you with early spring color! Be sure to use Dr. Earth bone meal or bulb food at planting time. Bulbs also make great additions to your fall/winter container plantings.

Divide and conquer: dig up and split large patches of iris, peonies and other early spring blooming perennials. Plant or transplant trees, shrubs and perennials for a jump-start on spring. Always use a starter fertilizer when planting or transplanting and use Root Master B-1 to help establish a healthy root system quickly.

Pro-active pest control can greatly improve your garden’s productivity. Control slugs now to reduce your garden’s breeding population. Use bait traps or non-toxic Sluggo or try our newest natural product, Liquid Slug & Snail Away.

Apply beneficial nematodes to rhododendrons and azaleas suffering from root weevil damage. Bring a leaf sample to any of our garden centers for diagnosis.