October Gardening Tips

This is the best month for planting woody shrubs, trees and herbaceous perennials. Our year-round garden centers are well stocked with great plant selections: remember that fall is for planting!

Fall is a good time for garden maintenance and clean-up. Recycle disease-free plant material and kitchen scraps into compost. Pick up Metro’s Guide to Home Composting brochure or stop by for more information at one of our garden center locations.

Fall is the best time to seed & feed your lawn. The warm temperatures of the soil kick start the germination process and the cool air temperatures allows the root system to grow dense and strong. Cool temperatures also reduce insect and disease problems. One thing to remember when seeding your lawn is to keep the seeds moist, otherwise the seed will die. A simple thin layer of Black Forest Compost and the fall morning dews will help keep them moist and growing strong.

Test your soil with a home test kit or contact OSU extension service for a local soil testing company. Amend soil to correct deficiencies and improve as needed.

Dig and divide rhubarb every 4 years, then replant and mulch with manure or Bumper Crop soil amendment. Also mulch roses, rhododendrons, azaleas and berries. We suggest Black Forest as the best mulch for this project.

Plant garlic and shallots; continue planting cover crops and spring flowering bulbs.

If gophers and moles are driving you crazy, consider traps or try MoleMax repellent by Bonide.

Check and spray houseplants for insects before bringing indoors. Use Dr. Earth’s Home & Garden Insect Spray.

Plan for winterization of your irrigation system. Our landscape professionals can make it easy, call 503.777.7777 to schedule.