November Gardening Tips

Pot up and store tulips and daffodils to force into early bloom indoors in December and January. Plant paper whites and amaryllis; you’ll see flowers opening in 6-8 weeks. There’s still time to plant spring flowering bulbs in the ground but don’t wait too long!

Cooler weather and plentiful rain make this ideal planting time for trees and shrubs. Evaluate your garden’s need for evergreens or plants with winter interest. Cruise through our garden centers for ideas and inspiration. Continue to plant and transplant until the end of this month.

Continue to suppress your slug population with traps or baits. Sluggo is all natural and safe to use around edibles, pets and kids. Also try our new, natural spray, Liquid Slug & Snail Away.

Treat mossy roofs during dry spells. Mossy lawns may need improved drainage, possibly an application of lime (do a pH test to confirm). Lilly Miller’s Moss Out can control existing moss on roofs, walkways and lawns.

Trim chrysanthemums to 4-6 inches tall after they finish blooming but leave ornamental grasses up for the winter to add texture to your garden as well as food and shelter for birds and wildlife.

Clean and oil your lawnmower, service as needed. Clean and sharpen tools before storing for winter. Drain and store hoses before freezing temperatures arrive.

Call our landscape department to arrange for fall clean-up services and/or winterization work at 503.777.7777.

Protect tender evergreens from drying wind by spraying an anti-transpirant product like Wilt-Stop.

Burn off those extra Thanksgiving calories by mulching your garden beds after a frost. We love to use Black Forest as our mulch of choice.