May Gardening Tips

May is here at last! It’s time to plant all those warm season vegetables which are going to taste so good later this summer. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, pumpkins, corn and more should go in the ground this month. Try some heirloom varieties this year for flavor you’ll never find at the grocery store.

It’s also time for the warm season annuals like impatiens, coleus, and zinnias—plants that will provide color throughout the warm summer months.

For improving your soil for flower or vegetable beds, we’ve never seen anything make things grow the way BumperCrop does, and for the month of May we will give you a free bag for every three you purchase.
Remember, small new plants don’t have a full root system yet, so they’re vulnerable to drying out; be sure to water during dry weather.

Young plants are also easy prey for slugs, cutworms and caterpillars. We recommend Sluggo to control all these pests without putting your children, pets or wildlife at risk.

Spring flowering shrubs can be pruned after the blossoms fall, but don’t prune summer bloomers now or you may be without flowers for a season.

Lawns should be watered deeply twice a week once warm, dryer weather arrives. Keep your lawn green naturally with Dr. Earth lawn food and protect our rivers and lakes.

And let’s not forget roses. For beautiful roses, we recommend Bayer All-In-One. Just apply to the roots once every 6 weeks and your roses will be protected from mildew, black spots and insects, plus you’re fertilizing them at the same time!