June Gardening Tips

Although summer arrives late this month, it’s still a really good time to plant. Many late season beauties are available now: dahlias, lilies, lisianthus and begonias are just a few. Landscape plants can also be added now, and this is the time to visit our garden centers to see summer blooming shrubs and trees.

Be sure to water well this summer. Even though we think of Oregon as a rainy state, summers can be quite dry. Especially vulnerable are containers and new plantings. We have lots of ways to help you water effectively—drip irrigation kits, high quality hoses and sprinklers. And our landscaping division installs, repairs or upgrades irrigation systems.

Most plants will benefit from feeding this month, especially containers, flowerbeds and vegetables. We recommend Dr. Earth organic fertilizers, available in granular or liquid form. Check with a staff member to find out what’s best for you.

Summer can bring pests. While we offer standard chemical controls, we specialize in earth, people, and pet friendly organic controls. These include live beneficial insects, and products to control slugs, aphids, mites, mildews, caterpillars, root weevils, and budworms—those worms that eat all the buds off your beautiful petunias and geraniums. Again, our staff gardeners are here to help solve any of your garden challenges.

An inch or so of organic mulch will go a long way to suppress weeds and conserve water otherwise lost to evaporation.

Spring flowering shrubs and vines, including rhododendrons, lilacs and spring blooming clematis can be pruned this month.

To keep summer annuals blooming, pinch off spent flowers, water and FEED!

Lastly, a reminder about Planscaper, our free landscape design program. For an agreed upon commitment to purchase plants and supplies at Dennis’ 7 Dees (it will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project), you will receive two meetings at one of our stores with a professional designer, a free design and assistance in purchasing plants and materials. Everybody wins, and that’s how we like to do business. Call any of our stores to talk to a Planscaper and see if it is the right plan for you.