July Gardening Tips

Long hot days and warm nights make July a great time for outdoor living, but remember to water! Hanging baskets, containers, vegetable gardens, flower beds and new plantings are especially vulnerable to weather stress. From lead-free hoses to expert advice, to complete irrigation systems, we can help make it easier.

Mulching can really help conserve water and keep plant roots cooler. About 1 inch is all you need, and we have a selection of garden mulches to choose from.

Containers and hanging baskets will need supplemental feedings. Studies show about every fourth watering, most water soluble nutrients have been leached out of the soil, so use a supplemental fertilizer every 1 to 2 weeks during hot weather.

To keep plants flowering, remember to remove spent blooms.

This is the time to watch for budworms on petunias and geraniums. They will eat your flowers before you even see them, so be ready to spray with environmentally safe bt (bacillus thuringiensis) to control these pests.

This seems to be a year for powdery mildew. It affects roses, azaleas, lilacs, euonymous and many other plants. If you notice curling leaves or a powdery gray coating on a leaf, bring a sample to one of our stores, and we’ll help you find a cure.

Slugs are still out there munching, so another application of Sluggo will be helpful, especially around vegetables.

Our garden centers will continue to have fresh color and new annual herb starts. If your basil or cilantro bolts on you, or your marigolds dry out, well, it happens to us all! Just refresh with new ones and get on with enjoying your summer!

Looking ahead to fall, the best planting season, don’t forget to check out our free landscape design program called Planscaper®. Imagine planting your yard with the confidence that you’re doing it right and the knowledge your plant purchases are backed up by the best guarantee in town! Call any of our locations and ask about Planscaper®.