January Gardening Tips

Spray Fruit Trees with Dormant Spray and Copper Spray to eliminate pests and diseases before they emerge. This is especially important if issues were prevalent last growing season. Oregon’s wet weather means we’re prone to fungal diseases which can be controlled if they’re sprayed now in the dormant season.

Prune Fruit Trees and Deciduous Trees. Remove any dead material and prune to encourage an open full form.

Assess the state of all tools (including hand tools, long handled tools and power tools). Oil, sharpen and perform basic maintenance to ensure they’re ready for duty in the coming months.

Locate and Evaluate garden plans of previous years’ to start determining a plan for the coming growing season. What worked? What didn’t? Was something missing?

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to grow more of your own food, clean up that ugly corner of the yard or finally create the private backyard of your dreams? Now is the time to get a plan for your project. Our garden centers offer a Free Landscape Design program called Planscaper. Imagine planting your yard with the confidence that you’re doing it right and the knowledge and assurance that your plant purchases are backed up by the best guarantee in town! Call any of our locations and ask about Planscaper.

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Master Nursery Black Forest Organic Compost

Water landscape plants underneath wide eaves and in other sites shielded from rain.

Reapply and or redistribute mulches that have blown or washed away during winter. Black Forest compost is our favorite mulch.

Monitor houseplants for correct water and fertilizer; clean and dust off leaves. Allow plants to dry out between watering and generally reduce water for winter. Over watering damage may be corrected with Oxygen Plus.

Treat yourself to an early spring! Gather branches of quince, forsythia, flowering cherry, pussy willow, etc. Bring indoors and place in a vase of water to force an early bloom.