December Gardening Tips

Our temperate climate and generally mild winter allows us to plant practically year-round (we’re so lucky)! It’s still a good time to plant deciduous trees and shrubs.

Don’t miss out on our great selection of plants with winter interest or early spring flowering shrubs.

Protect new plantings as necessary. Frost cloth or row covers are easy to use and offer tender plantings a degree of winter protection. Wind can also be a damaging force; use stakes to tie-up plants, provide windbreaks and/or apply a product like Wilt-Stop to help retain moisture during extreme weather.

Make sure that plants in sheltered or protected sites receive adequate water. Especially vulnerable are container plants, green house/cold frame plants and areas under deep eaves. Be sure new plantings and evergreens are well-watered before cold weather arrives.

During heavy rains, watch for drainage problems. Berms, swales and French drains are all possible solutions. Consider a rain garden or bioswale as a sustainable, long-term solution. Call our landscape department to arrange for services at 503.777.7777.

Turn compost piles and cover to protect from heavy rains.

Buy a poinsettia or Christmas cactus for some festive indoor color. We’ve got a great selection and can give you our best tips for success at home!