August Gardening Tips

While it’s probably too hot to start a new lawn from seed, begin your soil preparation now. Test your soil’s pH (add lime if necessary), kill existing weeds and measure the square footage so you’ll know how much compost, fertilizer and grass seed you’ll need. The optimal time for establishing a new lawn is August thru mid October in the Willamette Valley.

Have you had a bumper crop of vegetables this year? Now’s the time to fertilize cucumbers, summer squash & broccoli for continued harvesting. We suggest Dr. Earth, an organic, pro-biotic fertilizer. It’s also time to clean up and fertilize your strawberry bed.

Perhaps you or your friends and family have had enough zucchini and want to plant a new crop of fall vegetables – Plant cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, winter kale, spinach, turnips and parsnips. It’s also a great time for a mid-summer planting of peas. Use an innoculant and plant disease resistant varieties. Our garden centers still have a great seed selection and fall veggie starts are in stock now.

As space opens up in the vegetable garden, plant winter cover crops to naturally improve your soil. We have many to choose from!

Mulch beds with Black Forest compost for weed control and to protect plants from hot weather damage. If needed, provide temporary shade for vulnerable or recent plantings. Spray with Wilt-Stop to reduce shock on new plants.

Prune raspberries and other cane berries after harvest; monitor potatoes and tomatoes for early and late blight.

Sit out and enjoy your garden; pick and eat a home-grown feast! Control yellow jackets and wasps with lures or traps but remember that they are beneficial to our gardens by preying on caterpillars and other pests.