April Gardening Tips

Welcome to the first full month of spring! Warmer days, but we can still have cool, even frosty, nights. Not yet time for tomatoes, but there’s a lot you can enjoy doing this month.

Plant your salad garden this month—greens, radishes, carrots, herbs, potatoes, beets. It’s also time for broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cabbage. Wait until May for warm season veggies like tomatoes and peppers-it’s still too cool for plants that like warm nights!

Our lawns took quite a beating this winter, so they will appreciate a feeding this month. If you have moss, treat it now if you haven’t already. It’s a good month to over seed to cover bare spots or thicken up a lawn that’s thinned out. If you use a weed and feed, this is the month it will be most effective.

Lots of cooler season annuals can be planted this month, especially the second half. Sow seeds for sweet peas and nasturtiums now, sunflowers in May. Replenish your containers this month also, doing it now will mean full beautiful pots later this spring and summer.

Trees and shrubs, even established plantings, should be fertilized this month. We recommend Dr. Earth all purpose fertilizer—it will not only feed your plants but improve the soil they live in with beneficial microbes and fungi.

April is a great time to plan your garden projects for the year—and we can help! Ask about our unique Planscaper program, a free design service that will guarantee you spend your garden dollars wisely by assuring the right plants go in right places to create the yard you’ve always wanted.

Don’t forget garden seeds—we carry a great selection, and it’s a way to stretch your gardening budget. Our staff will gladly help you select and show how to start your plants from seeds. We’ll tell you what to sow directly in the ground, and what seeds you can start early to get the jump on your victory garden this year.