Yard, Garden and Patio Show

Date: February 27th-March 1st, 2015
Location: Oregon Convention Center

The Yard, Garden and Patio Show presented by Dennis’ 7 Dees has grown into the largest consumer gardening exposition of its kind in the United States that is produced by a state association using member volunteers.

While you are there, enjoy display gardens, incredible edible gardens, small garden vignettes, cracked pots art, green markets, celebrity experts and guest speakers, live music, seminars, beverages gardens, and you can’t forget about the kids digs area! Bring the whole family to enjoy this outstanding show.

Click below to view images from our past display gardens

2014 – Come Alive Outside

Living in Oregon definitely has its benefits, but our climate poses real challenges allowing us to comfortably enjoy the outdoors year-round…especially in our own yards.  more…

YGP Show 2014

2013 – Sentimental Journey:

After a long period of formality and rigid design desperate to manipulate nature, a fresh and welcomed trend emerged eager to celebrate what was natural, simple and beautiful on its own merit.  more…

YGP show 2013

2012 – Timeless Inspiration:

Using Modern Resources & Local Materials to Honor the Ancient Tradition of a Chinese Garden.  more…

Yard, Garden and Patio Show 2012

2011 – Delight in the Details:

Enjoy the Many Small & Hidden Features that Give this Garden Personality!

Yard, Garden and Patio Show 2011

2010 – Geometry in the Garden:

Live, Eat, Relax & Play in this Unique Collection of Functional ShapesWatch a tour of our display garden on AM NW.

Yard, Garden and Patio Show 2010

2009 – Dynamic Elements:

Sometimes Sustainable Can Also Be Subtle & Soothing

Yard, Garden and Patio Show 2009

2008- A Transformation Over Time:

A Garden to Enjoy & Enhance Every Season

Yard, Garden and Patio Show Gallery 2008

2007 – Stone, Wood & Water:

Beautifully Combining the Most Basic of Natural Elements

Yard, Garden and Patio Show Gallery 2007