Community Involvement

As a locally owned and operated business, we don’t just run our company in Portland, we also live, play and raise our families here…as such, it is an important part of our company culture to identify and partner with local charities and events. From sponsoring the Yard, Garden and Patio Show to hosting our annual charity golf tournament, to donating our time as well as making financial donations. We enjoy having the opportunity to share our knowledge with our community and we continue to look for ways to participate and support our local industry, businesses and charities.

“Responsible businesses should choose to take part in their community, to support and interact with the community,” saYS David Snodgrass, president of Dennis’ 7 Dees. “This is our community and we participate,” he said with pride. In 2013 Dennis’ 7 Dees donated time, materials or money to over 30 organizations in the local community.

For our continued service in the community Dennis’ 7 Dees was awarded the 2013 Spirit of Portland Award for an Outstanding Organization. This award honors the various ways that Dennis’ 7 Dees gives back to the community.

Every year Dennis’ 7 Dees brings together hundreds of people for their Annual Charity Golf Tournament for Human Solutions. This outstanding tournament raised a record-breaking $100,000 for the non-profit organization that gives people who are struggling, the tools to rise above their problems and create a solid and self-sustaining future for themselves.

Dennis’ 7 Dees also takes part in an Annual Day of Service donating time and skilled labor to organizations that need help but are unable to afford it. In 2012 we donated the installation of a drip irrigation system to Zenger Farms, an educational working farm that teaches children about growing sustainably. This year we worked with Human Solutions to revamp their Day Break Shelter in efforts to give the children a safer place to play.

Dennis’ 7 Dees also sponsors and supports the Portland Rose Festival and the Yard, Garden and Patio Show, helping these local celebrations and traditions endure.

“When you buy with us, the money stays in the community,” David Snodgrass highlighted. Supporting local businesses supports the local community; whether its schools, neighborhood associations, community gardens or historical societies Dennis’ 7 Dees is dedicated to changing the landscape of the community, helping to support organizations and events that make our communities feel like home.