By: Laura Mills Annual & Perennial Specialist at Dennis’ 7 Dees Cedar Hills

Tomatoes have become a garden standard. Who among us has not coveted their flavorful fruit or cursed bitter defeat in the name of a tomato. Whole books have been dedicated to this illusive and desirable crop. And at times this craving reaches a fervent pitch know as Tomatomania.

Steve GotoTomatomania is our annual event being held at our SE Portland and Lake Oswego locations in homage of the cultivation of this paradoxical produce. Whether you crave the candy-like sweetness of Sungold, the rich aromatic meatiness of a Brandywine or a bountiful Roma for homemade tomato sauce, we will be offering advice on variety selection along with tips and tricks to ensure a bountiful harvest. If you’ve had blossom end rot, poor production or you just want to find a new variety for this year join us for Tomatomania.

Of course you’re probably thinking the best way to pick a variety is to taste it. How would you like to sample dozens of tomato varieties for yourself? Then save the date for our annual Tomato Tasting, September 14th at Lake Oswego and 15th at SE Portland. We will have an array of tomato varieties to sample and vote on. It’s the best way to select which tomatoes you’ll be growing for the next season.

Tomatoes are a standard because they are flavorful and versatile don’t miss out this season, join us for Tomatomania to get the information you need for a fantastic harvest.

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