Reindeer Magic Returns

By: Laura Mills

There is a magic in youth; a beautiful enchantment and joy that fades with time. During this season the weathered memories of the past are brought to the light and a bit of that magic returns. Our memories are revived with our traditions. Traditions take many forms: making grandma’s recipe, annually revisiting familiar places, creating crafts or going to visit Reindeer.

At Dennis’ 7 Dees we have our own tradition and we would like to invite you to come and take part in Reindeer Magic. All three of our Portland area stores will have live reindeer visiting for one day. It is a great opportunity to see these furry, knobby creatures while enjoying hot coco and nibbling on little treats. Meanwhile their human parents will fascinate you with their vast knowledge of these creatures.

Join us in making a memory and having a magical day. Regardless of your years or whether you have children or grandchildren; Reindeer Magic might help to bring delight to the youthful heart that still beats within us all.

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