Sprucing up for the holidays and beyond – Now is the time to plant spring blooming bulbs!

By Stacie Palmer

NOW IS THE TIME! Have you planted your spring-blooming bulbs yet? If you just answered ‘no,’ you’ve got a fun task to take care of. Daffodils, hyacinth, tulips—oh my!! SO many more fantastic bulb-originating plants await their perfect home within your garden. Who doesn’t let their face explode into a bright, shiny smile upon seeing the first hints of spring? No more delaying. Get out there and plant some easy-care spring beauty.


Once your bulbs are planted and you wander back indoors, thrilled about the spring treat yet to come, keep that smile on your face—the fun is nowhere near being over. Now is the time when you can focus on and enjoy indoor gardening—what a rewarding way to get through the long, cold months ahead!


Did you know that indoor plants are fantastic for our health? They simply love the carbon dioxide we exhale, using it to create their by-product. . .oxygen! Not only are they the best air scrubbers out there, they add color, texture, and year-round interest. Another plus is that houseplants can’t help themselves from adding to the interior look and feel of your home; think of them as extensions of your style and decor. Rather than extending the indoors out into your yard, imagine bringing indoors the spirit of your lively outdoor garden!


I can hear you. . .the one who’s saying right now to yourself, ‘sounds great, but I have a black thumb.’ Not only did I anticipate and expect that, I have my response ready: absolutely NOT the truth! Your green thumb is aching to show its stuff. Let the knowledgeable, fun and friendly staff at our garden centers give you information and support that will allow that green thumb (you didn’t know you had) to shine. Hint: I happen to know that fresh, cheer-inducing Christmas cactus just arrived in a variety of colors. Who doesn’t love flowers in winter?!


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